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Little Gem Girl

Glow in the Dark Cat Eye Earrings - Glowing Animal Eye Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic Studs - 25 Eye Colors Available

Glow in the Dark Cat Eye Earrings - Glowing Animal Eye Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic Studs - 25 Eye Colors Available

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Eye Style

Unleash your inner feline with our glow in the dark cat eye earrings available in 25 vibrant colors. These realistic animal eye studs are sure to make a statement day or night. Stainless Steel for quality and style. Meow-some!

No black light required. We've used a very high quality long lasting glow mixture which reaches full charge in about fifteen minutes of sunlight or strong florescent light (such as kitchen light or UV light---UV light will give a fast charging ultra bright glow). Gorgeous ice blue glow will diminish over time but can be charged over and over again. Glows brighter and longer than traditional glow powders or paints.

There are 25 eye color options available - please see photo for your choices.  Each eye has a corresponding letter assigned.

Earrings are approximately 12mm or .48 inches in diameter. Realistic eye image is fused permanently to a think crystal clear glass dome which gives a slightly magnified appearance that is truly lovely.

: Remove before bathing, swimming and water activities. Water resistant but not water proof.
: Choking Hazard, Small Parts - Not recommended for young children.

Handmade in the USA by Little Gem Girl© 2011 All Rights Reserved.

Titanium and Surgical Stainless Steel Jewelry
Some of our earrings are made using Titanium and Surgical Stainless Steel posts. These earrings will not tarnish and are stronger than some of the other metals used. While these are a great choice for people with earrings sensitivities, those with more severe allergies and sensitivities may still experience issues which are beyond our control. As each individual is different and experiences varying degrees of allergies or sensitivities, we cannot guarantee against any allergic reactions. For this reason, purchase at your own discretion.
*Regarding Titanium Posts: The pad is nickel-free surgical stainless steel. The post is titanium grade 1.

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